George Zimmerman Arrested For Stalking Private Investigator

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  1. George Zimmerman Arrested For Stalking Private Investigator

    Perhaps no single event has had more bearing on Stand Your Ground laws than the death of Trayvon Martin. Portrayed by the media as a sweet, innocent kid who was brutally attacked for no reason by a racist, George Zimmerman, Martin’s death launched the whole Black Lives Matter movement. Zimmerman was arrested and put through hell, only for the jury to see the truth; Martin assaulted Zimmerman, smashing his head into the concrete sidewalk until Zimmerman fired his weapon.

    For many of us, however, Zimmerman may have been justified in shooting, but he’s never been a good example of self-defense. For example, he was instructed by the 9-1-1 operator to remain in his vehicle, which was sound advice. Instead, he decided to follow Martin which led to the assault.

    Still, Zimmerman was defending himself, even if he didn’t make the best decisions leading up to that moment.

    Now, Zimmerman’s seeming lack of impulse control has landed him in some hot water that he may not be able to get out of. This time, he’s been accused of stalking.

    Fifty-five calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails in just nine days. That’s what to expect from George Zimmerman if you get on his bad side, according to a Seminole County sheriff’s report obtained by

    Zimmerman, who was cleared of murder charges for the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin, now faces a misdemeanor stalking charge for allegedly harassing and threatening Dennis Albert Warren, a private investigator, in Seminole County, Florida.

    Warren told police he initially contacted Zimmerman in September 2017 to ask if he would participate in a TV documentary about Martin’s death. The film, “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” is executive produced by Jay-Z and will air in July.

    Zimmerman became incensed, apparently because Warren had visited Zimmerman’s uncle in his home.

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    Wanna make sure I got this straight.

    He's in trouble for stalking a guy who stalks people professionally???

    Gotta love the wth factor in that.

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    I'm thinking not the same thing. A "good" private investigator will do his job without the subject ever knowing he's being investigated. Stealth is his ally.
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    I get the feeling that Zimmerman doesn't always think things through completely, but harassing someone that is harassing you, especially after all the harassment he's probably been through recently, doesn't surprise me. It's like the movie star that ends up punching the reporter that has been following him for 5 blocks, I know there are laws but there's also common sense. I don't see how anyone deals with a lot of fame and doesn't go a little loony.
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    I read, a while back, that some really rich rapper, J-Z or Puff daddy I think I was, is paying big money to make a Trayvon Martin documentary, so now these fools are stalking Zim. for info/publicity etc.

    Personally, I feel like someone with as much power and pull as JayZ etc. they could be doing something positive for the black community instead of rehashing old, massively decisive issues. I mean, why not build some jungle gyms in a neighborhood or something? Donate some food to some impoverished families in their home town.

    Of course rap does not sell on growth, peace etc. it is drug fueled, hatred themed mind poison. These rappers are not interested in propping up the black community, they just get a free pass to say that when questioned. I seriously question the motives on making a documentary on this shooting of the Trayvon thug (nolimitNi____ on facebook , before they deleted it)
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    Someone needs to re-make the Michael Jackson song "ebony and Ivory" with lyrics to " Irony and Hypocrisy" relating to the liberals and dimocRatic party.