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Get your Federal small pistol primers while they last at Midway

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They have a case of 5000 Federal small pistol primers in stock at MidwayUSA... think its about $130 Plus hazmat $25

dont mess around call and get em

Federals have been hard to get

Since they have a 5000 limit on an item I also ordered (5) of the 1000 bricks also

Can't get low around here


Better Hurry
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Yep -- also 5K of the CCI #41 .....
SubGunFan said:
Price is fair, but the 5000 limit SUCKS when you are paying the $25 HAZMAT fee......

I guess to help the HAZMAT fee is to add some powder to the order.

5K limit per TYPE -- order more than 1 type!! :lol:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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