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Get your Federal small pistol primers while they last at Midway

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They have a case of 5000 Federal small pistol primers in stock at MidwayUSA... think its about $130 Plus hazmat $25

dont mess around call and get em

Federals have been hard to get

Since they have a 5000 limit on an item I also ordered (5) of the 1000 bricks also

Can't get low around here


Better Hurry
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Captain-03 has scored some

who's next....I told that girl on the phone i'd take a 100K but she would not sell em

I told em ya'll would take up my "slack"

Better get 'em...Honest *****!
Yeah the Hazmat and shipping sucked...so to ease the pain....I ordered a 5K case box of Federals....and then since it was a different item #, I ordered (5) 1K Federal primers.

So 10K primers coming on the one Hazmat ship charge

I really tried to get a 100 K of em...but it was a No Go....the wife would have smoked my a$$ when she got the CC....but I'd been set

Fed is my favorite for small pistol and they have been tough to get so thought I'd let ya'll know....

Don't mess around....if you want em...I really have not seen many in the last few yrs
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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