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Ghost Trigger Kits for Glock

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I am considering picking up a Ghost Inc Rocket 3.5# Trigger to install on my dad's glock 17 as a late christmas gift. Does anybody have any experience with these? And are they worth installing? In addition, should I just get the connector, or the entire kit with the heavier trigger springs and the armorer's tool and armorer's backplate? Thanks in advance.
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I have plenty experience. I don't think there is a better connector out there. Add a wolf trigger spring and you will have a nice trigger job.
are you local to the coast? bring it by gun ho indoor range I will do it for 35 install + 25 for the connector + 5 for the spring. I would not recommend this for a carry gun. you can also get a reduced weight striker spring but you may have some light strike issues after a few thousand rounds. unless you change your striker to jager or lighting strike.

plus there are a few tricks that a general gunsmith/armorer may not know about when putting these to improve performance. I use this setup in all my IPSC and steel match guns.

yeah I have a few under my belt LOL... here is a tip when trimming down the connector trim it till it will just dry fire then stop and use a very fine file so that you can both bevel and angle the face of the tct. you want the "tip" on a slight angle in the vertical orientation and a slight bevel on the horizontal orientation.

this is will keep the trigger crisp and give nice clean breaks even after installing the reduced striker spring. sometimes the trigger can feel mushy when using a stock striker and reduced spring with the rocket I have found.

If you decide to use the reduced striker spring with a stock striker stock up in federal primers. I highly recommend either a Jager or lightening strike striker.

its not a hard install at all give it a try worst thing you can do is shorten the tct to much. if that happens it will still work you will just have a bit more overtravel than you would if you didnt.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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