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Ghost Trigger Kits for Glock

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I am considering picking up a Ghost Inc Rocket 3.5# Trigger to install on my dad's glock 17 as a late christmas gift. Does anybody have any experience with these? And are they worth installing? In addition, should I just get the connector, or the entire kit with the heavier trigger springs and the armorer's tool and armorer's backplate? Thanks in advance.
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What could you expect would be a fair price for good gunsmith to install the Ghost Trigger kit and Wolf springs? I'm not that familiar with glocks to do that.
mdp75 said:
are you local to the coast? bring it by gun ho indoor range I will do it for 35 install + 25 for the connector + 5 for the spring. I would not recommend this for a carry gun. you can also get a reduced weight striker spring but you may have some light strike issues after a few thousand rounds. unless you change your striker to jager or lighting strike.

plus there are a few tricks that a general gunsmith/armorer may not know about when putting these to improve performance. I use this setup in all my IPSC and steel match guns.

I live in Florence MS but thanks for the info. Sounds like a great price though and that you've done this once or twice or a hundred times. I have a 34 that I need to get some of that done to so thanks for the info.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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