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Glock 22 gen4 trigger job

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I just got a Glock 22 gen4 last week. It's my first semi-auto pistol.
I put about 50 rounds through it so far and I really like it.
The trigger seems a little heavy, I was thinking about taking it to the
gun show next weekend and getting a 3.5lb trigger connector installed.
What do you guys think?
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Thanks for the info guys. It will be a plinker, so i will do the
3.5lb connector and polish.
Caleb C said:
I'll have a booth at the show this weekend. You supply the connector and I'll put it in for you (no charge). RSM688 and G1D are right about polishing the trigger components. It will help but BE VERY CAREFUL. Don't remove too much metal. Only polish it. You could accidentally end up with a very unsafe weapon if you're not careful.

BTW I'll probably have on a MSGO tshirt and there'll be a digital camo Remington 700 VTR in the center of the table. Holler at me if I can help you with anything.
Thanks for the offer, I'm going to get together with RSM688(Spencer) and let him do the install and polish.
I don't trust myself to polish it. I may stop by and say hi anyway. Everyone on here seems to be a good
group of people.
Just wanted to say thanks to Spencer(RSM688). He did the
trigger job on my glock yesterday. He is a good guy and does
good work.
I dont know much about glocks but it feels like the trigger has less travel and a cleaner break. I'm going to shoot it for a while, I may have Spencer go one step further and lighten the trigger a little more. I probably just need to shoot more and get use to the glock.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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