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Glock 23 or Springfield XD-40?

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by TwangBanger, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    I'm generally of the opinion that "kabooms" in .40 caliber come from shooting someone else's handloaded ammo!!! ;)
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  2. patchz

    patchz Court Jester

    I've got a G21 and an XDm 5.25 in 45. I also have an M&P Pro Series 5" in 40. I really want to try an XDm in 40, either the 5.25 or 4". I don't want any more Glocks in any configuration or caliber.

  3. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    I can re-home that Glock for you free of charge to you or me.....:rolleyes:

    I had the XD9, 4" and it was ok but just didn't quite feel right. Trigger on mine was sweet , Dr B had it changed out to a 3# I think it was. Very easy to double tap with it. Had a M&P 40 but couldn't hit with it for some reason. Would like to shoot a M&P 2.0 though and see how I could do with one. But would have to be a no safety version for me to buy it.

    But I do good with the Glocks, so will more than likely stick with them.
  4. dhollis51

    dhollis51 Distinguished Poster

    I have a Eaglestroker leather holster somewhere. its really nice and wasn't used that much. I can try to find it tonight. I think I know where it is
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  5. patchz

    patchz Court Jester

    I really appreciate the offer, but it was given to me upon retirement. I retired it, haven't fired it but once since I retired and that was in 1999. I plan to leave it to my son, he needs at least one ugly gun.
  6. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

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  7. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Patchz... is that the gun you buried in your backyard cause it was so "ugly" that you didn't want to look at it anymore??? ;) :p :D
  8. wllmkttrll

    wllmkttrll Distinguished Poster

    Also got the xdm 40,was Dads gun,shoots nice
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  9. bubbat

    bubbat Gate Keeper to my corner of Hell

    The next pistol I buy will probably be a .40, when I do I'll get M&P Shield 2.0 or Compact 2.0.
  10. patchz

    patchz Court Jester

    I plea the fifth. :confused:
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  11. TwangBanger

    TwangBanger Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    High Caliber Pawn down here on the coast just got a load of them in. Bodyguard .380's, and M&P Shields in 9 and .40 cal. Your choice, $279
    hc smiths.jpg
  12. BasMstr

    BasMstr Distinguished Poster

    That place is addictive....
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  13. dhollis51

    dhollis51 Distinguished Poster

    I found it. It fit my xdsc9 I had a while back. Not sure if it will fit the 45. I’ll sell it for $30.