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Glock 34 Range Report

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I had just a few minutes today to run out and try my new (used) g34. Here are the results, be gentle...im still learning. The squares are 1inch by 1inch. The middle diamond is 2x2 and the smaller diamonds in the corners are maybe 1 1/2 by 1 1/2

first 3 shots 15ft

next 3 shots 30ft

Next 3 45ft

Next 3 60ft..yes I was aiming for the middle haha

Random double tap from about 20ft out.
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jbpmidas said:
Get your sights regulated and you should be good to go!

Good shooting!
its me..not the sights haha..im still a newb
GunOneDown said:
looking good. seems that you tighten your grip more for long target. its causing to push that is if your a right handed shooter. a lot of people do this, so its no biggey just practice more.
yup thats what it is...i need to work on it
GunOneDown said:
did you forget something????????

pics of the 34.......................
I posted one. Its low quality, but its post on the original g34 post i made.
could it be too little finger on trigger?
sidroski said:
BigMike, what have you had done/put on your 34? Bought a used one myself but still haven't got sights or any work done on it yet.
I havnt done a thing to it. It came with the plug in the picture below. Im not even sure if it is legal for uspsa. Im sure it probabaly is, because that is what the guy used the gun for. It also came with the recoil spring pictured below. It is a lighter spring with a metal guide rod.

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1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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