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I finally was able to put some rounds down range with my 35. I was using hand loaded 165grn +p power lvl FMJ's I didnt know these were his +p loads until after I had blew through about a 100 of them and mentioned how sharp the kick was and the guy said oops I grabed the wrong can. Accuarcy was absoultly amazing off of a rest. Was nailing cans at 40 yards with usually one shot. Doing double taps was not so impressive = ( the bullets we were shooting was clearly ment for a gun with a comp on it. We set up a few uspsa style targets and I was getting mainly B's with a few M's . At the end of our little shooting I had a box of 165g Rangers in my trunk, loaded two clips and shot the targets again this time getting a nice blend of A's and B's. There is alot of potential in Glocks competition models. Being a DIE HARD 1911 man that is not an easy thing for me to say. I look forward to doing some customizing to this gun and am willing to try it out in production class at the next pistol match in Byrm
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