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Glock 9mm Conversion Experiment

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I've got several .40 cal Glocks that I picked up cheap at Southern Connection. All except for one have been converted to 9mm with Lone Wolf .40-9mm conversion barrels. Drop in a barrel and add a 9mm magazine and it's ready to go. I read online that in a pinch you could just use the .40 magazines. I decided to try that with the latest one I picked up, a Gen 4 G23.
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I loaded up a couple of mags to see how the 9mm fit in the .40 mag. The feed lip appear to barely hold the 9mm. The round sit a lot higher. I was concerned that the spring pressure from a full mag would force them out but it never happened. I ran over 50 rounds through it had never had a single issue. I would have guessed that it would have jammed with them sitting that high but it never happened.
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I went the cheap route since I wasn't sure I would even use it. I ordered from Bear Creek and got it for $47 shipped. Just tried it with the 40 cal mags and went bang every time. I didn't shoot for target but it did hit a 18" square of cardboard from 25 feet. I fast fired the last 4 rounds and they were all low on the cardboard. Not match grade but works fine. Now I need thread protector for it. Didn't see it offered from them, but they should have "suggested" it for POS reasons.
I knew 25 feet didnt sound right. I took a tape measure and went back out, It was actually 42 feet. As I was only checking function I didn't do my normal 7 yard test. I guess for 42 feet, it actually did fairly good.
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