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Glock AR??????

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I was in a gunshop today to ship a firearm and one of the guys was talking about Glock coming out with an AR next year. Anyone heard anything on this? :mg: :evilgun:

Sorry about the smilies on this topic, but my son thinks they are hilarious!
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We've been hearing this about, from Glock for while, but to no avail.
I hope they do something, but what it may be is subject to more speculation.
nhstk02 said:
polymer lower?
If I had to guess I'd say there would be polymer somewhere on it. :0023:
Xd357 said:
People have been saying this for a while. I think they should leave the ar scene alone and build there own carbine. I think it would sell better. That and if their ar wasn't 100% reliable they would catch a lot of flack.
Which is probably why they haven't released it yet. That and the market right now is saturated with AR's, and they are working or were working three shifts just making their pistols.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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