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Glock "conversions".....

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A quick question regarding swapping barrels and mags in Glocks to shoot different calibers:

I've already got a Model 30 (the compact in .45 ACP). To swap it to 10mm all I need are the 10mm barrel and 10mm mags, in effect turning it into a Model 29, right?


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I don't think that would work, because the 10mm case is so much narrower than the .45, the slide breachface and extractor probably wouldn't work with it. Anyone know for sure? It would be more likely that this could be done going from .40 to 9mm as they are closer in size, but even then I am not sure. In 1911's, you can make very small steps only on the same breechface width, for example .40 to .38 Super (semi-rimmed) or .38 Super to 9mm, but .40 to 9mm is too much.

You could swap entire topends and it would work for sure. There are also some .45 necked down barrels like the .40 Super or .400 Corbon that can be purchased for the 30 if you wanted 10mm power or velocity. My $.02.
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