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Glock "conversions".....

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A quick question regarding swapping barrels and mags in Glocks to shoot different calibers:

I've already got a Model 30 (the compact in .45 ACP). To swap it to 10mm all I need are the 10mm barrel and 10mm mags, in effect turning it into a Model 29, right?


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Go to Lone Wolf and get one. Watch GlockTalk Classifieds as I've seen quite a few slides go through there lately, but don't recall seeing a 29 slide yet. Could always just pick up a whole 29 and have 2 babies then, could name them Bad and Badder. :wave:
don't have the .22lr conversion, can't speak on reliability of it.
Somebody does make a .22lr similar to a Glock that I've read mixed reviews on though.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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