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Glock Vs SA

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Ok guys I'm gonna try out these babies when I'm back in a month but I wanna know what you think of these. I want it for concealment and for recreational shooting and home protection.

I would like to try the G27 .40 and the G36 .45 AUTO, the 36 appeals to me as its slimline. I have really small hands.

Glocks are known to be virtually indestructable and known to perform great hence my interest in them.

I also like the SA XD and XDM. The grip safety puts me off though.

Michael says a glock. lol

I don't wanna try anything else though.

Thanks a lot.
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I'm slightly confused as to why being from Scotland would alter my perception on American brand firearms? (I have spent so much time in the US of A it is my 2nd home)

I think it is just a pride thing. Alot of us try to buy American made to support our fellow Americans! Just like I like to buy Winchester ammo because Winchester has a plant here in Mississippi (even though it is in Oxford!).
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