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Glock Vs SA

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Ok guys I'm gonna try out these babies when I'm back in a month but I wanna know what you think of these. I want it for concealment and for recreational shooting and home protection.

I would like to try the G27 .40 and the G36 .45 AUTO, the 36 appeals to me as its slimline. I have really small hands.

Glocks are known to be virtually indestructable and known to perform great hence my interest in them.

I also like the SA XD and XDM. The grip safety puts me off though.

Michael says a glock. lol

I don't wanna try anything else though.

Thanks a lot.
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I just got a 36 and sold my 27 to big sig. Get a 36 it is the cats meow.

Dont trust your life or your families life to anything else.
Due to the double stack design of the 27 there is more perceived recoil than the 36 in 45. Get the 36. I have many glocks, xds, 1911, revos....and the list goes on. I have all the guns you listed and the 36 tops the list. If you are a shooting hunting female you can handle it.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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