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Glock Vs SA

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Ok guys I'm gonna try out these babies when I'm back in a month but I wanna know what you think of these. I want it for concealment and for recreational shooting and home protection.

I would like to try the G27 .40 and the G36 .45 AUTO, the 36 appeals to me as its slimline. I have really small hands.

Glocks are known to be virtually indestructable and known to perform great hence my interest in them.

I also like the SA XD and XDM. The grip safety puts me off though.

Michael says a glock. lol

I don't wanna try anything else though.

Thanks a lot.
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this subject makes my brain itch, behind and to the left of my right eyeball....

If you must get a polymer handgun, I would suggest going with either SAXD/M or glock which you have allready done and brand loyalty inclines me to suggest springfield due to them being a US company and customer service blah blah youve heard it all before . I would suggest a smaller caliber in a polymer gun because the weight of the firearm dampens recoil and poly aint heavy, so 9mm or 40 would be ideal although 40 is a bit "snappy" on the recoil meter.

I clearly recall your "confession" of loving 1911s, why not get a commander sized, theyre small, singlestack, "God's caliber" concealable and fun to shoot; suitable for carry, HD and plinking ( ammo price excluded).

if you dont wanna go the 1911 route go and handle a bunch of XDs and glucks and see what you like better then buy it.

A wise man once told me (last night) when faced with a decision between 2 things of equal quality and function; go with the cheapest one.
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