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Devotion God Empowers You to Build His Kingdom ...

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by gunsinger, Apr 23, 2016.

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    All Christians have a responsibility both to practice and to proclaim their faith. Evangelism is not optional. But what about when hard times come? Don’t we get a break? Aren’t we exempt from the “Great Commission”—at least until our lives calm down?

    Not really. Trials aren’t an excuse for not sharing our faith; on the contrary, they are an opportunity to speak out for God. The apostle Paul says as much in the passage above. It is during these times that God gives us the strength to endure in order to keep going in our task of kingdom building. In fact our endurance fuels our message.

    Trials didn’t stop Paul from announcing the Good News; they should not deter us either.

    God's Promise to Me
    • I have forgiven your sin and reconciled you to myself.
    • I have given you Good News to share with others.

    My Prayer to God
    God, you have given the gospel to me so that I might show it and share it. Help me to see beyond my problems today, to my real purpose—building your kingdom. Give me creativity in using my struggles to speak for you.