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Devotion God Rewards Your Quiet Time With Him...

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by gunsinger, Apr 20, 2016.

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    There is a thriving breed of people in America known as the Coffee Shop Writers. They cannot work anywhere else except in the bustling coffee shop of their neighborhood. They settle in, get their coffee and work tirelessly on their novel, article or screenplay. They seem to believe that their work needs an audience—both before and after publication.

    Even though this is a specialized group, in reality you can find people with a similar perspective in all walks of life: lifting weights, taking pictures, cooking, running, working or even eating. People are beginning to find it difficult to do anything without an audience.

    The last thing God wants our spiritual life to become is a show we put on for others. Prayer should be a time of personal reflection and divine conversation. It needs to be between us and God. That’s it. Even when you’re not on your cell phone, your webcam is off and you’re not engaging in social media, you still have an audience of One—and he knows your heart.

    God's Promise to Me
    • I will always be personal, and I will always be with you.
    • Others look on the outside, I will always look at the heart.

    My Prayer to God
    Lord, thank you for always listening to me. Help me to remember that even though I follow you in deed and in word, our relationship is a personal one.
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    AMEN!!!!!!!!! For what ever reason the sight won't let me respond to anything this morning!!!
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