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Gonna try and post a pic... my revolvers

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The original Pistol pac, but with the Houge mono-grip.

Same pack, with two SS Barrel Assemblies i found at the same place I first bought the gun .. but 20 years later (Discount Hunting and Fishing)

My old gun top, and my wifes gun bottom. Mine has SS trigger and hammer found on ebay and installed by Surplus City (along with trigger job)

My wife has shoes... I have grips...

Oh and barrels.... lots of barrels!

THE way to shoot... very good balance... just kinda rolls a bit in the palm when fired ( .38 target load)

My wifes custom grip. It was hand made in Dearing GA.

he also made this grip, which I bought by winning the auction.

The bottom barrel is 1 of three made, by a gun smith and is a test barrel. Note the longer threads.

Testing the new barrel out at Turcott range.
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Somebody needs A LOT more 38 ammo........

Yes, NICE collection ! ! !

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