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I ordered 2 of these below..
I got them in and got my trimmer setup and was fixin to start putting them thru the press. Well come to find out they are all trimmed with in 0.005" and under spec so i just loaded up some 55gr soft points.
If i had the money id buy alot more. but i just checked and they have 463 left instock..


by the way that 55gr soft point is nasty on a deer and critters. Dropped 3 in the cotton all with one shot each. and hit one running at 150yds, she folded up and took a dirt nap..

Loaded up some 68gr BTHP and goin to try them out on a ladder test this weekend i hope..

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2K should last you a long time ...

Widener's has "once fired" Lake City 5.56 brass for $89.00 per thousand. I've purchased about 6,000 from them over the past year and the brass has been good. Most of what I got was LC-08 brass. There will be a few civilian brass and a mixture of other Lake City brass in each bag. On one purchase of 1,000, I had a lot of dented brass and e-mailed Widener's about it. Four days later I got a package of 500 replacement brass, no charge

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Are you all having to drop your powder charges some loading military brass with thicker case walls...or is that a "myth"

I wish we could get about 10 of us together for some of these "bulk buys"

I need some 223 and .308
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