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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by DirtyWorks, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. DirtyWorks

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    I've seen this on a couple other forums and really like the idea. Basically, post up good deals that you have found while shopping on the web or in the "real world." No advertising stuff for sale - there's a For Sale forum for that. Just point your fellow gun owners to deals that may be of interest to them.

    I'll start with an example:

  2. sidroski

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    I'd second that Dirty.
    I posted those 599.99 S&W AR's. CBBurnham bought one, don't know if it was from my post or he found it himself. Anyway, that was a heck of a deal. These places run closeouts and specials, letting everyone know would be good. Don't know no rich folks on the forum so every dime saved is appreciated.

  3. chburnham

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    a buddy of mine told me about it actually... i was already ready to order when you told me about it
  4. NRA_guy

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    Anybody know why S&W ARs are several hundred dollars cheaper than the competition?

    Volume merchandising? Or what?
  5. chburnham

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    They just are off that site. Everywhere else I looked they were much more
  6. chburnham

    chburnham Distinguished Poster

    plus 100 dollar rebate helps to
  7. msredneck

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    Only problem with they may have it in the flyer but may not have the gun....
  8. DirtyWorks

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    :tears: the Romanian deal ends in the AM
  9. DirtyWorks

    DirtyWorks Distinguished Poster

    Cheap AZZ 552 Chinese but cool for the $$. May go on my Cheap AR build. only $35. Not much to loose
  10. DirtyWorks

    DirtyWorks Distinguished Poster

    Does everyone but me know about ? Its a sight that checks ebay for misspelled listings. Found a few deals there. Worth a try to bid on stuff that misses 80% of the common searchers
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  11. miker84

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    I'm bumping this thread to echo DirtyWorks. A central place to post online or local deals could be helpful as long as we can limit the posts to deals only.
  12. DirtyWorks

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    :thumbup: I tried
  13. Duts87ss

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    Just stopped by Jerry's Shootin Irons & Pawn in Ocean Springs. They've got a Excam over and under 12ga for $300. It has a bad spot on the bottom of the bottom barrel and is missing the butt plate (they've got a Limbsaver on it). It breached very smooth and made me kick myself for just buying my Franchi.
  14. crazyace85

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    Looked at this wbsite and placed an order but the payment method is a little complicated. Have you ordered from them yet.
  15. miker84

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    Maybe if we keep posting deals this will become a sticky.
    Midway USA
    $10 off on orders of $100 or more
    CODE: 10111
    $20 on orders of $200
    CODE: 20111
    $30 off $300
    CODE: 30111
  16. miker84

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    Complete upper without BCG or CH. 1/9 twist. They also have a model with fluted barrel for $300. Could be a decent plinker.

    $275 Upper
  17. DirtyWorks

    DirtyWorks Distinguished Poster

    and the BCG for $110 and CH for $14. Add these to the PC lower in the group buy and you have a budjet AR for $550 total. Not too bad [​IMG]
  18. Brutus

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    Widener's has some really good prices on C Products AR mags, both 20 round and 30 round.|626

    Just click on what capacity and caliber you're looking for from that linked page.


    20 round, straight body, black stainless steel, new-style follower, etc. for $8.99 ea.|626|866

    30 round, black stainless, chrome silicon spring, new-style follower for $12.50 ea.|626|873

    Good folks to deal with in general. I've bought tons of stuff from them over the years and never had any issues.

    And sometimes they'll even throw in "extras" that you didn't even order or get charged for. Last time I bought a bunch of AR mags from them they threw in a few M-16 mag pouches for free.

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