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Good Gun Safe??

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I'm trying to find a good gun safe (24 to 36 long gun capacity) with storage room for my guns and other stuff. I need to buy one that will be delivered and I don't want to pay freight charges from Istanbul to Amory, if you know what I mean. I've been looking at Browning, Redhead, Sentry, and Steelwater safes with minimum width of 36" and electronic lock. Are there any places in MS that sells and delivers safes at a reasonable price? I need some Advice????
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encoreman is correct I am usually down south every month visiting the inlaws and would be happy to bring it to you if I can get something you want...If you are like me and want the most bang for your buck I always tell folks to check out the Browning Marshall which is part of the theftguard series, and will run you less than 1k depending on what options you want.
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