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Good Gun Safe??

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I'm trying to find a good gun safe (24 to 36 long gun capacity) with storage room for my guns and other stuff. I need to buy one that will be delivered and I don't want to pay freight charges from Istanbul to Amory, if you know what I mean. I've been looking at Browning, Redhead, Sentry, and Steelwater safes with minimum width of 36" and electronic lock. Are there any places in MS that sells and delivers safes at a reasonable price? I need some Advice????
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I have a BIG Liberty and like it a lot...Took 4 big fellas to move it in place and bolt it to the floor.

I bought it locally...in Jxn many moons ago...I'd hate to have to pay shipping on one

Mine has the old tumbler spin dial...I like it...also has a key so you can lock the dial down...Amory is near between West Point and Tupelo...

I'd bet the Mossy Oak Outlet in West Point has something...I'd start there and then look around in Tupelo...many times they are available at Gun Shows.

Get a safe with a good liner...makes it heavy but provides some level of heat protection...

I have papers stored in a firesafe that's inside my gun safe
< 1k!....Better Jump on one

Especially if someone has offered to bring it to ya.

You are a good fella Beladran :thumbup:
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