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Good place in Jackson for Army surplus

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I'd like to get a few things and no one at the gun shows has anything you need anymore.
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Ree, I think that place is on 12, correct me if wrong. I get up that way with work from time to time and will stop next time through.
Yeah NRA, Surplus City hasn't been a "surplus" store since about two years after moving to Clinton. They do have a good discount on their glocks for active duty and police. Son got a great deal on one.
Thanks to all
Nothing in particular, just some stuff for the bag. Need a few John Waynes (P38's I think, the small can opener about 3" long), couple more mess kits, blankets (those army ones hold up better to the outdoors than anything else I've tried. Got a few others I need to take with me so need to get the basic setup for them. A good fold up shovel that'll double as a light duty ax. And of course I'll find something else I need going through there.
I could use that helmet you got but I'd look like Jethro when he went to military school, classic episode.
Stryker, I'll get with you. You near Hinds, Rankin, Madison? We're going camping out at Roosevelt next weekend if your out that way. I got alice packs and the newer versions but just wanted some stuff to keep around for power outages, storms, etc. when the electrical stuff don't work. Feel like a fool starting up the generator to open a can of beens.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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