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Good places to go tubing/canoeing?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by jakeg823, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    Title says it all. Looking for recommendations. Preferably within reasonable driving distance of the Jackson area. Preferably that doesn't have a problem with adult beverages.

    I've found myself with free weekends for the first time in 3 years so I'm trying to find new ways to enjoy them for a change, and get the wife and I out of the house so we don't kill each other. We've done the Chunky and it was fun, but I've heard they recently decided to enforce some archaic dry county nonsense and start ticketing people for drinking, and I'm not about that statist nonsense.

    Any recommendations or advice? I know the Bogue Chitto, D'lo water park and the Okatoma, but I'm looking for other suggestions, and pros and cons of each? I've heard the Okatoma is way too crowded these days, but still open to it if someone says I'm hearing wrong. Kayaking is obviously an option too, but I'd prefer tubing or canoeing so we aren't so limited on what supplies(beer) we can bring, and we just won't be in any hurry.
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  2. TwangBanger

    TwangBanger Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Well, you just named all the one's I know, save for Black Creek (just south of Hattiesburg) and Wolf River in Long Beach (probably too far to drive).

    Wolf River Canoe & Kayak > Home

    Black Creek Canoe Rental
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  3. TwangBanger

    TwangBanger Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    ^^^^^ edited to add links ^^^^^
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  4. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    Yeah an hour and a half or so is fine, but once you get past the 2 hour or so mark it turns into nearly an overnight trip. We have 2 dogs so we'd rather not have to put them off on anyone overnight if avoidable, or leave them penned up for an unnecessarily long time(they're good for 8-12 hours). Our Pom would be fine in a canoe, but our GSD would be running all over it and trying to swim the whole trip.

    Plus a lot of these places don't allow pets, even if we were so inclined.
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  5. Mesquite

    Mesquite Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

  6. onlymaroonmatters

    onlymaroonmatters Eat Sleep JEEP MSGO Supporter

    Our go to float is the Leaf from 588-590 in ellisville. Canoed it growing up but now we yak it. Once river goes down some dad said we'll be floating/camping asap. Usually no body out there, can bring whatever heck you want. Pets. Booze. Etc
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  7. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    Cool. We have access to several canoes anytime we want around the meridian area, which is a pretty quick trip down to Hattiesburg/Laurel area, but no kayak, unless we go through a rental place. I guess I should've purchased one while I was still at academy.
  8. Rw

    Rw Distinguished Poster

    Theres thompson creek down near my land in lousyana, it makes a big horseshoe path. Not very deep i dont think. Could camp on my land not far away if there isnt a place to there. Can call dad tomorrow to see what he thinks. I know theres camp grounds nearby.
    Bunch of antebellum homes and stuff like that in the area to for the missus to see.

    Wont be a problem i dont think to wrangle a kayak for you to use..
  9. onlymaroonmatters

    onlymaroonmatters Eat Sleep JEEP MSGO Supporter

    Oh we've made many a scuffs on our aluminum canoe on that stretch through there. Many memories as well
  10. Xd357

    Xd357 Moderator Staff Member

  11. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Bear Creek in AL for canoes/cayaks or come see me for blow up rafts/inner tubes on the Buttahatchie River. You can stay with me and I'll keep the dogs if wanna try the Buttahatchie. Its mostly a slow easy going float trip and I'll haul you back and forth if you come on my 3 day weekend off. One tube for you, one tube for her, one tube for cooler.
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  12. doctor duck

    doctor duck Distinguished Poster

    Some mighty generous offers on here. One fine community of gun-loving Southern Gentlemen.
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  13. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Back in the day, some fine folks I knew and worked with in the "German Coast" area of Louisiana used to talk about tubing on the Tangipahoa River... maybe the Tickfaw River too.

    I'm guessing they still do this... but it's likely every bit of a 2 hour drive for ya'll to get down there, Jake.

    My best thinking is that since it's Louisiana, a cooler of beer and yer dogs would be welcome!!!
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  14. Leonidas

    Leonidas Resident Mushroom (know what they say) MSGO Supporter

    Did tubing on the Tickfaw, once, 'bout 20 years ago. Never been back. So many people floating you could barely see the creek. Didn't find the people too much better.
  15. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    Yep some awesome advice and offers. Keep them coming.
  16. Doc

    Doc Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Don't know how far you went down the Chunky -- But, the Chunky River and the Okatibbee Creek run together at Enterprise to form the Chickasawhay River. The area between Enterprise and Quitman is Ok. The stretch between Quitman and Shubuta has some interesting banks, bridges and even a rapid (or even from De Soto on to Shubuta for a shorter trip). That is in Clarke County - a dry county - and I do not know what they do these days - When I grew up there, just mind your own business and don't flaunt adult beverages on the river and you were ok.