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My job requires that I travel the entire state. Since we started this list of good places to shop to satisfy our habit I've been driving myself nutty referring to MSGO when on the road to see what's where. Well, this list should put an end to that. I've gone through the thread and listed all the shops we've mentioned alphabetically by city with a brief comment or two from the respective post. It's gonna help me a ton cuz I plan on stopping into all of the ones I haven't yet visited. Maybe this will also make a handy reference for those of you that travel around the state as well.

And yes, I'm holed up in yet another motel on a rainy, windy night looking for something to occupy my time - results below.



Brandon = Van's / Good selection, pricing bleaux
Brandon = Brandon Gun & Pawn / Top-rate owner
Brandon = Muddawg (MSGO Member) / Will do transfers
Brandon = Taylor Gun Exchange / Fair pricing, nice folks, will haggle a little

Columbus = Gary's Gun & Pawn / Good & bad, mixed review, depends on who helps

Gulfport = Dad's Super Pawn / Good & bad, lifetime warranty on all gun sales

Grenada = Gold ' Gun / Good place to shop, helpful staff

Hamilton = Mitch's Gun Shop / Good ammo selection, deal w/ Mitch

Hattiesburg = Big Buck / Pricing improved w/ arrival of Gander Mtn
Hattiesburg = Gander Mountain / Good selection & staff, fair pricing - lots @ MSRP
Hattiesburg = Pawn Shop Plus / Good folks, will take time w/ you, limited selection
Hattiesburg = Collector's Point / All makes military guns & ammo
Hattiesburg = Randy's Sporting / Fair selection & pricing, friendly & will negotiate

Jackson = Academy Sports / Mixed reviews - staff issues, pricing so-so

Lucedale = Triple C Pawn / Fair prices and great service
Lucedale = Bullz-I Sports / Fair prices and great service

McComb = Southern Cash & Pawn / Fair selection, great folks, will negotiate used
Meridian = Garrett's / Will catch a deal from time to time, selection so-so
Meridian = The Rock House / Decent selection, used prices high, good people
Meridian = Vic's Pawn / Best in area on new Glocks

Meridian/DeKalb = DB Flanagan's Gun's / Good pricing on Sigs

Mobile, AL = Mobile Shooter's Supply / Reloading supplies, do put bullets on sale

Moss Point = Guns and Ammo / Prices marked, negotiable, great ammo supply

Neely = Johnson's Gun Shop / Fair selection, best pricing south of HattiesBurg

Newton = Strebeck's / Fair selection & competitive pricing, good CS

Oxford = Mississippi Auto Arms / great "nonsporting" gun shop, awesome prices

Ocean Springs = Jerry's Shooting Irons

Pascagoula = Dad's Gun & Pawn / Good pricing at times

Pearl = Great Southern Firearms / Good guys, fair prices include tax

Philadelphia = Philadelphia Gun & Pawn / Choices good, pricing OK, will deal, good CS
Philadelphia = Beem's Pawn / Good deals at times

Richland = The Outfitter / Good

Ridgeland = Big Buck / No comments
Ridgeland = Gold 'n Guns / Deals go fast, can find bargains, great owner

Saltillo = Carr's Guns and Ammo / Run by a MSGO member's buddy's uncle

Southaven = Guns and Ammo / Lots of guns & fair prices

Starkville = sports Authority / No comments

Tupelo = Hunter's Haven I & II / High-ish, but good selection
Tupelo = Scugg's Farm Supply / No comments

West Point = Gary's Gun & Pawn / Good

If any comments you posted don't agree with this list it is entirely my bad as I tried to keep this as compact as possible (as well as not mentioning the G or X words). Okee Dokee, my work here is through now - later all.

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Big Mike -

You're correct - there is a a Gold 'n Gun in Grenada - it's on Commerce Street. The one in the list is also a Gold 'n Gun, but it is in Ridgeland - been in there browsing. For what it's worth, there's also one in Gonzales, LA and probably a swarm more - apparently a popular name :)

Would you say the one in Grenada is worthy of being included on our list?

Later - Papa
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