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got bored tonight....

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I like using the magma lube.. only down side is it takes lots of heat im guessing 175-185 degrees. i let my sizer sit there for about 30 min getting good and warm befor i started. There is a fine balance between pressure and temp but when you get in the zone you can seriously put out some boolits!!! im guessing about 1800-2500 an hour?
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my .358 sizer... it somehow found its way back to my desk.....

Sid the boolits are factory fresh from Beladran Munitions and Beer Co LLC
bubbat said:
Whew! Just bullets, anytime you say you are bored, I get worried. Figured you might be building a thermo-nuclear weapon in your garage... :lol4:
No nuke... but i did stay at a Holiday Inn Express :thumbup: Im going to my dads this weekend so im gonna bring the wheel gun and see what kinda groups we can get out of her!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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