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Got my new grip in from Lbruce Saturday. WOW! Semi bobbed Shootist in Dark Zebrawood. This is VERY nice wood man! nice and short and conceals great! And it feels great too! it is really smooth. Gonna shoot it when I am sweaty and see how it does in my hand. If it gets slick, I am gonna try and find someone to put a little checkering on it, but I hope it is ok. I like it just how it is. if I do add the checkering, it wont be much, as I don’t want to take away from the beauty of the grip. Just gonna keep it like this for a little and see how it does. I am VERY happy with it! man it is NICE!! Dan Wesson guys, if you havent bought from LB Custom grips, you are missing out. www.lbcustomgrips.com

My holster also came in. it is the sourdough pancake holster from Rob at Simply Rugged. This guy is a master with needle, thread, and leather. This thing is TOP NOTCH. This is my 5th holster to buy from him and it definitely wont be my last. it is not too big, conceals fairly well with the IWB loops, and sits nice and tight to the body. I am thinking of buying some tuckable clips from crossbreed so that I can wear it tucked, but I havent decided yet. This thing has excellent retention and feels good. The oxblood color goes with all my belts fairly good too. for a $60 holster, it isnt the highest price one you can get, but it is definitely one of the better ones I have seen out there for the money. next up I think I am gonna buy his belt. www.simplyrugged.com

Now, pics:

My model 14-2 before:

New grip:

Holster and grip:

Holster shown (don’t mind the pile of dirty clothes on the floor):

Holster hidden:
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