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Monday 5/10/10 - Since the wind is blowing so bad I decide to get up and do some shoreline fishing today. I loaded up and headed for the spot I caught all the nice trout at while night fishing on a full moon a couple of weeks ago. Got there at 5:30 and didn't catch my first fish until 7:15. Wind was slamming the shoreline with 4 footers and had the water very dirty. Dirty water to me means Pink Rattletrap. Tried a TTR11 mirrolure I already had tied on but they didn't want that so I tied on a pink Rattletrap and that is what they wanted. Had 4-5 other fisherman all around me drowning live shrimp but other than one 16" trout I saw one young man catch they didn't catch much and they all left me to myself. Really tough fishing conditions so I was very happy with what I caught. I only hooked 7 fish and caught 6 of them. Lost one trout between 3-4 pounds, was a good fish but hard to tell how big other than it was a big trout. 4 of the 6 trout I caught were over 4 pounds with the biggest weighing 5 on my boga and the 2nd biggest just a tiny bit under that. The two smaller trout I caught were both 15". The second 15" trout came off right at the bank on dry land but the rattle trap shot straight back and buried one of the front hooks in the knuckle of my right hand of my little finger to the bend. I couldn't pull it back out so I cut the line on the bait and took my pliers and pushed it on through, then I had to go back to my truck and get some side cuts and I cut the barb part off and pulled it back out. After a little anti bacterial ointment and a band-aid I replace the hook and went back fishing and caught the other trout that was close to 5 pounds. These were the 4 biggest. That is a 50qt chest for scale.

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