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Got the bow out.

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Got the bow out.

Well it wasn't to hot out today when I got off work so I got the ole bow out. 1st time this year. Didn't do to bad but I've got lots of room for improvement.

Anybody else getting ready for bow season?
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Re: Got the bow out.

Bout 5 years ago I bought a PSE Nova from a guy that was on hard times and needed some money..
Got the bow, quiver, 6 goldtips (3 with pods), broadheads, golden eagle release.. $50..

I put a Whisker Buscuit and a Truglo site on it.. Sighted it in at Bass Pro and got 6 new gold tips..

Havent shot a bow since YHEC Nationals in 01 or 02.. Got it sighted in and could keep them in a 1" group at 22yds.. Not to shabby i dont guess..
Watch out deer!!!!
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