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Got tired of lookin at this stainless barrel

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Found a load that my 22-250 likes so i figured id start varmint hunting with it, but i just dont like shiny barrels..
My buddy left some paint at the house from when he did his 10/22. Its all Flat colors, black, olive, brown, khaki.


Never painted a gun, much less something i have this much money in. But i figured if i mess it up, its still gonna function properly. I used a ear plug and put it in the muzzle, it has a very good 1/8" clearance all the way around the crown so it worked good. I greased the bolt body so no paint stuck to it, it worked also.
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Those varmits will never see you coming................. :)

Looks good for a first one. Hope the scope lenses are not that color..... :)

I personally could not paint a gun........ sorry. A different finish yes, but not a "pattern".

80gr at 3200fps = EXPLODING VARMITS......... :)

I like the finish on the barrel............

Smile.... Wait for the FLASH..... :)

1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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