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Got tired of lookin at this stainless barrel

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Found a load that my 22-250 likes so i figured id start varmint hunting with it, but i just dont like shiny barrels..
My buddy left some paint at the house from when he did his 10/22. Its all Flat colors, black, olive, brown, khaki.


Never painted a gun, much less something i have this much money in. But i figured if i mess it up, its still gonna function properly. I used a ear plug and put it in the muzzle, it has a very good 1/8" clearance all the way around the crown so it worked good. I greased the bolt body so no paint stuck to it, it worked also.
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Been thinking about doin my 300wm now.. :lol4:
Might add some more brown and olive to it for this summer on the farm. Guess we will just have to see, We stalk crows thru the corn stalks, can get close to the edge of the row and blast them. But they can see so good.
It was krylon camoflage paint. It stuck pretty good too, it reminds me of that rifle savage has out. Ill find it tom.
Yea i sat there in my reloading room debating myself. Then said oh well here we go.
One my buddys come over this evening so i could take a look at his truck for him. He saw the rifle, then sat there for a few seconds and then said it looks freakin great. Now we gonna do one of his 10/22s this weekend.

Sgf, i hit the lens with a good coat of flat black so it wouldnt reflect :)
Yea it said it had Fusion in it..

I had to hit the barrel with some sandpaper to rough it up so the paint would stick.. That was the hardest thing to do, never had to be that mean to a gun..

This is what it did at 100yds.
80Gr Berger run into the rifling pretty good
Lapua Brass
36gr H414

Its funny what .5gr does to a group.
Here is 35.5gr H414 everything else the same.

Gonna try and get it on out to 600yds and do some more testing, i went ahead and loaded the rest of the Bergers.
They fly flatter than my 210gr bergers out of the 300wm out to 1100yds and stay supersonic out to 1400yds. Wind drift is almost the same.
Only a 10.4MOA drop for 600yds with a 100yd zero :D
Bye bye coyotes!!
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Yea, i figured id go with the 9 twist and shoot heavy bullets. That factory barrel didnt last long with them 45gr bullets at 4000fps.
Thats what i started out using.. i started loading 55gr Vmax for a while. It lasted a lil while.. :D
No way i could keep up with the round count.
Shot it at 600yds yesterday,,

I had put all the info in the berger program and it spit out from 100yd to 600yd zero to go up 10.3 MOA. I turned it up 10 MOA and gave it a try.
First 3 at 600yds

I adjusted it for the wind since i held a MIL left and it hit halfway. Went down 1 MOA and here is the second Group.
Appears i was a lil off on the windage but its in the black.

From 100yd zero to 600yds it only took 9moa up.. Thats pretty flat shooting!! I shot some of the M118 from Turkee and i had to go up 17moa. It did a 7" group and a 9" group out of my AAC-SD.
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Good idear, i like the scratched up, worn finish look. Gives it character, and its own look. I still got the rest of the paint in the shop. Thinkin hard bout doin my 300wm since its got the shiney barrel too.
I sprayed it down really good with brake and parts cleaner to get all the oil and stuff off. Hit the barrel with some sandpaper and put some wheelbearing grease on the bolt so i could wipe it off after the paint dried and it wouldnt stick. Did a really even base coat of flat black and then got to work.
Good luck on yours!
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