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Got to shoot my first High Power match Saturday

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Got to give the new 53 year old Garand a work out.
Here is my sight in target at 200yds.
I was happy i hit the paper :lol4:

Found my camera btw...

Im brining the AR out to the next match and shooting it in the 2nd go around.

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WTG --- you did really, really well for your first match with a new gun!! You will only get better!! Again, congratulations ...
nonnieselman said:
........, Ive come to love the old rifles.
It really makes me feel good to hear of you younger fellows appreciating these fine tools of peace (and war) ... they are the implements that have kept our nation free and strong -- Let us not forget and pay tribute to them by taking them out and putting some rounds down range!!

Thank you and many others for giving these rifle such good homes and appreciating their contributions to our country ...... I will now get off my soap box .
This match was shot at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club in Byram, MS.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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