Granny, get your gun!

Discussion in 'Press Talk' started by TheBouncer1111, May 6, 2018.

  1. Chicknman

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    I guess the gun control crowd would say that granny should have been satisfied with being raped and murdered while waiting for the police to arrive.

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  3. Vick

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    While I applaud her spunk, I hope she doesn't end up in trouble for chasing after him and shooting at him as he retreated. The law doesn't always favor the homeowner these days.
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    I think she did ok, given it was the first time she'd ever shot that gun. I wonder if she'll get some range time in to improve her marksmanship?
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    Watch out for granny.

  7. TheBouncer1111

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    would be interesting to "know" the make/model of the gun....if she's 70 and it belonged to her mother.........
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    I wondered the same. It will probably remain a mystery except to the PPD.
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    Since the event occurred in Pennsylvania, and if PA doesn't have a stand your ground statute, Philadelphia almost
    surely doesn't, odds are good they might go after her
    just for the audacity of choosing armed self defense.
  10. TigerTactical

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    Anybody that would prosecute her is a worse crook than who she shot at.
    Gettem Granny
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    Maw and her '97!

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