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Granny has an equalizer

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency' started by GunnyGene, May 8, 2016.

  1. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    Another instance of a gun saving lives. Happened in Sultan, just outside Seattle. Sultan is a nice small town in the Cascades foothills right on Hiway 2. Been there many times. :)

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  2. Vick

    Vick Distinguished Poster

    Good for her!
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  3. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Word is getting out:

    A man turned the tables on alleged robbers during a Craigslist deal Thursday night after being held at gunpoint in the parking lot of a Baton Rouge bowling alley.

    Mikhail Kotlov said he was simply trying to buy an I-pad from a man Thursday night in the parking lot of All Star Lanes bowling alley on Airline Highway when mid-transaction, the arrangement quickly went south.

    "As soon as I looked into my mirror on the left side I see someone just racing toward my door and as soon as my door opens I have two guns pointed to my head," he said.

    The men allegedly demanded money and other items but what they didn’t know is Kotlov was armed. He remembers having only seconds to make a potentially life-changing decision and after weighing his options, he jumped out of his Hummer and pulled out a gun. He said that’s when the suspects took off.

    Kotlov said he fired several shots at the attackers and at one point even chased them toward the business. He recalls his body reacting out of instinct but his mind was paralyzed with fear.

    "It's a different fear,” Kotlov said. “Your heart freezes and like you feel like you know you go into panic mode, like an adrenaline mode."

    Kotlov said he ran inside the bowling alley to call for help but by the time police arrived the suspects were gone.

    He said the men fired multiple shots in his direction right as he was about to open the door.

    "These are some dangerous individuals," said Corporal L’Jean McKneely with BRPD.

    Baton Rouge Police are asking for the public’s help to identify the suspects but say the wild incident is a reminder to use one of the city’s safe zones like BRPD Headquarters for these types of meetings.


    Man turns the tables on alleged robbers during Craigslist transaction