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Grape Kool-aid

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Don't drink the Kool-Aid
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:lol: By your reactions I see alot of WHY or what the HECK! I have plenty of mean and scary looking stuff, but not everything has to look that way. Nothings better then going to the range on a hot day and pulling out the Kool-aid.
It's also a great way to get people into the shooting sport that are afraid of the scary guns. :sheepaid:
enjoy the pic.
I won the stock set from calv arms. They were almost a pink color so you can see why the color change.
You can't tell it, but under all that Kool-aid sits a free floated heavy barrell with a Rock river Match trigger job, with a thinner front sight post for those far off shots.
I went to a meet and greet from another gun board and saw a few other theme guns. One person had a Home depot gun, another had a yellow stock set with a dewalt sticker on it.
You get the picture.
:lol: no barny fan, Tombomb got it right.
Barney....Its what for dinner. :funny:
:lol4: :10: :lol:
You never mess with anyone with a gun like that, they want you to say something. :evilgun:
I used the dura coat products to make the Kool-aid gun.
You have to make a base to paint from, dura coat recomend the white, then I sprayed the grape color and used all the hardner in it to make the shiney finish to it. They have any color and you can mix them together to make your own color.
If you don't like it, you can always spray it back to black. No harm done.
There is nothing you can't do on one anymore. Its all cool when its done right and not tacky.
1 - 7 of 46 Posts
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