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Grape Kool-aid

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Don't drink the Kool-Aid
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Seriously ???????????? I'd shoot it. Does it get matching mags?

Hell I paint me an Orange one now. I did see a nice Purple and Gold LSU Tiger 22lr in a match this weekend.
I could get me an Orange sling and mags to match then carry hunting. No vest needed then. LOL..

Wished I would have never seen the Kool-Aid now. I don't need a new project. CRAP.
And you didnt shoot a few pics of theme guns? WTH.
How you like this set?????? BTW there is a gun in the pic.

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think I might just get me a set or Orange.
Anybody an A2 full stock and Handgaurds to get rid of. I don't any rail on it, so i'm sure some of yall got the factory stuff just sitting around collecting dust. I want to create something. just need to find just the right color combo.
I am thinking of doing it for sure. I just need to get me some parts to work with now. I don't want to use my original stuff just yet. I do have a Cavalry Arms Composite Lower that would look good all painted I think. Just pop on a different upper and matching handgaurd and wala.
Yeah why not. it would just about glow, it'd be so bright.
I'm looking for parts yall. need A2 stock and some 16" covers. no rails for me. Good used parts will be just fine.
1 - 7 of 46 Posts
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