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Grape Kool-aid

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Don't drink the Kool-Aid
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I've seen a pink one before... dude was shooting it too... id much rather pull that one out of the bag then the pink one...

but no matter the color, they are all just as effective as the black ones...
That's pretty neat, I've seen more and more colored/themed guns over the years.... Guns are becoming just as personal as cars now with all the accessories available out there.

G1D, I'm really looking forward to seeing you do the orange AR. I think there might even be some money in it for you if you start doing it for other heavy hunters. I could see a lot of pump/semi shotguns getting the fluorescent orange paint over wearing the vest.

There is nothing you can't do on one anymore. Its all cool when its done right and not tacky.
Bet ya don't get that one confused at the range!
I'm looking for parts yall. need A2 stock and some 16" covers. no rails for me. Good used parts will be just fine.
my wife would be more likely to shoot that rifle...purple is her favorite color.Come to think of it, purple is my favorite flavor of kool aide too.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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