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9point said:
Bright and cheap is good!!.....Especially if Ray could see it! :)
Could you tell me the brand, and where you got it, please?
It was an ebay special. Off-brand stuff.

NRA_guy said:
Ray's dead, as I recall.
He could still see it. It's bright.

It's too bright for low light use. You can see the entire beam of light which gives away your position. Deer are not totally colorblind. They see greens and blues and some ultraviolets quite well. They cant see reds, that's why we wear hunter orange. A bright green laser is likely to spook them. You could get away with it in bright sunshine, but not at dusk/dawn.

It's a fun thing to play with at the range to me, nothing more. I would get a red laser for a SD gun or deer rifle/shotgun. Just my opinion.

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