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Grip Repair

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I had a pleasant surprise this week. A couple of years ago I picked up a 1907 Colt Bisley. It was well used with little finish remaining but the worst part was that one grip had a large chip out of it.

On the Colt Forum I was given the name of a guy, Don Furr, who could repair the grip but I was skeptical about how that would look. I looked at replacement grips but original ones were expensive plus both the original grips were serial numbered to the gun. A couple of weeks ago I mailed the grips to Don and they came back this week. I was shocked. There is no evidence of a repair on the outside or inside. I have no idea how he was able to match the color like he did. This was about the best $65 I've ever spent. If anybody has a grip needing repair I highly recommend him.

Wood Leather

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WOW!!! That guy is impressive!
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That is what a good conservator can do.
This guy went way past good a long time back it seems. That is pure God given talent being used to it's fullest. I believe we all have at least one gift. Trick is to find it and then use it-this Gent has IMHO.
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That looks fantastic. Did he patch it or did he make another whole grip for that side? On the back side I cannot see any difference in the graining of the wood. You got your money,s worth and then some.
Look closely on the back side pic and you can see some cross grain marks. BARELY but they are there. He made a patch and fit it in. Unbelievable talent.
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