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    Marty (@22lrfan ) inspires me with the way he's always hitting up local pawn shops, and posting deals he finds. I thought I'd start a thread for us South Mississippi folks.

    I primarily follow Dad's Super Pawn, High Caliber Pawn, Friendly Pawn and Cook's. Mostly Friendly, because they're closest to my house, and I pass by almost every day.

    I meant to start this yesterday, so some of the items hit the shelves yesterday, and some came out today.

    Here are yesterday's (05/16/18) items.

    FRIENDLY PAWN, HWY 49, SAUCIER, MS, 05/16/18
    Marlin Model 60, .22LR $125
    0516 FP MAR 60 22LR 125.jpg

    Ruger LCP II, .380 ACP $249
    0516 FP RUG LCP2 380 249.jpg

    Springfield Mod. 67 .410 ga. $249
    0516 FP SF67 410 249.jpg

    TriStar Viper 12 ga. $279
    0516 FP TRISTAR VIPER 12 279.jpg

    Winchester Mod. 94, .30-30 Win $249
    0516 FP WIN 94 3030 249.jpg

    Hatfield 20 ga. $89
    0516 HATFIELD 20 89.jpg
  2. TwangBanger

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    FRIENDLY PAWN, HWY 49, SAUCIER, MS, 05/17/18
    H&R Handi-Rifle, .45/70 Gov't, $249
    0517 FP HR 4570 249.jpg

    Remington 700, .270 Win $279
    0517 FP REM 700 270 279.jpg

    Remington 870 SuperMag, 12 ga. $199
    0517 FP REM 870 SM 12 199.jpg

    Ruger 10/22, .22LR $189
    0517 FP RUG 1022 189.jpg

    Ruger American, .30-06 Spr. $299
    0517 FP RUG AMER 3006 299.jpg

    Star S.A. 9 mm, $249
    0517 FP STAR SA 9 249.jpg


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    Nice! I really like the idea of a pawn shop page... wouldn't mind if these were separate from the good deals page and stickied. Always appreciated the ones posted for central MS.
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    That Marlin Model 60 has some very nice looking wood... :)
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    Lamar Co.
  6. Chicknman

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    What's that? I didn't hear you. :D
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    That Win 94 is a "steal" if it is in decent shape and an older model.

    The Rem 870 SuperMag is another "steal".

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    TB, you done GOOD ! ! !

    Please keep it up.

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    I'm trying, Para40... I'm honestly trying here... as best I can... ;)

    I know few seldom or ever get "excited" over Marlin's Model 60... the darned things are almost ubiquitous... and seldom get the "respect" this rifle might otherwise garner.

    Marlin has perhaps made "half a jillion" of these "affordable" rimfire rifles since it was introduced in 1960. But for what it's worth, a Model 60 typically offers outstanding accuracy for modest bucks... right outta the box!

    At least from where I sit, the wood on the one in the photo looks way nicer than my admittedly and lowly plebeian Model 60 has... :)

    For your consideration... I offer this as follows from the "take it for what it's worth" department...

    A friend of mine (who happened to be quite successful in life and career wise) once remarked this to me when talking about firearms and the companies who manufacture them...

    "I've seen what you can do with a lot of money... now show me what you can do with not so much money!"​

    It's not that this man was deeply into "cheap" and "inexpensive" firearms... in fact he owned a firearm collection that would make many of us turn absolutely green with envy. But he apparently did have tremendous respect for what a man's money does and can buy!!!

    There's a lesson therein for all of us, as I should think!!!

    Marlin's Model 60 is a good "fit" for what he was talking about!!! :cool:

    That's my story, guys... and I'm sticking to it!!! ;)
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    Chicknman... I'll stand on my post above, sir!!! :p
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    I can see right now I’m going to have to hit the “ignore” button on Twang Banger.
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    Para40 and Chicknman... I must admit too that I didn't realize until a second or so ago that my initial post about the Marlin .22 was "in triplicate"... :eek:

    The MSGO server was evidently "bogging down" and I became somewhat inpatient there... hitting the "Post Reply" button on it a few more times!!! ;)

    Clearly, that's my own "mea culpa", so to speak. :(
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    Lol, you know it’s going to cost you some money and time keeping a eye on southernreliading.

    Really like the ideal of a pawn shop thread or sticky for pawn shop finds for us that aren’t close to them.
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    ...................... :yeah:
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    I like the idea as well. As for Southern Reloading, I was visiting with him yesterday and found out that only Divine intervention will save him.
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    TwangBanger, when you mentioned "Cook's" did you
    mean the shop on Pass Road in I think D'iberville?
    I wasn't aware they were not only an FFL but a pawn
    shop as well; I learn something every day!!:lol4:
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    I suppose it's the lack of competition, but guns in Vicksburg pawn shops (and most everything else) are overpriced.

    Maybe they build in room for haggling, but I am not a haggler.

    Thanks for the Coast pawn shops info. I get down there occasionally.
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    COOKS has a new owner; reckon he's spreading out
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    I guess they're technically not a pawn shop, but I included them, as they do sell used guns and trade-ins.
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    High Caliber just purchased a Military Collection, with over 20 bolt guns from various countries. Most (but not all) are Mosins & Mausers. They'll be available for sale at 0900 tomorrow. (Where you at @burb1989?) Price range $299 - $499.
    HC MIL COLL4.jpg HC MIL COLL 1.jpg
    HC MIL COLL2.jpg HC MIL COLL3.jpg
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