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Marty (@22lrfan ) inspires me with the way he's always hitting up local pawn shops, and posting deals he finds. I thought I'd start a thread for us South Mississippi folks.

I primarily follow Dad's Super Pawn, High Caliber Pawn, Friendly Pawn and Cook's. Mostly Friendly, because they're closest to my house, and I pass by almost every day.

I meant to start this yesterday, so some of the items hit the shelves yesterday, and some came out today.

Here are yesterday's (05/16/18) items.

Marlin Model 60, .22LR $125
Gun Rifle Shotgun Wood Air gun

Ruger LCP II, .380 ACP $249
Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Gun accessory

Springfield Mod. 67 .410 ga. $249
Shotgun Blade Gun barrel

TriStar Viper 12 ga. $279
Gun Shotgun Firearm Rifle Air gun

Winchester Mod. 94, .30-30 Win $249

Hatfield 20 ga. $89
Blade Tool Wood Knife

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So Twang since the cat's out the bag, iffin you pass by Friendly today see if he'll take a bill for the Mod 60!! If so I'll pay you back today. If he want's paper which I'm sure he will buy it and I'll go get it on Monday.
Can't get by there till tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at the earliest, but I just messaged Bobby (the store manager), and he said best he can do is $115 out the door.
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