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Gun Buying Problem

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I hate it when things turn out like they did this afternoon! I was just minding my on business and visiting a couple of pawn shops. I had no intention of buying anything even though it's been close to two weeks since I last bought a gun. They caught me by suprise at the last shop. They twisted my arm and forced me to buy some guns (that's what I told my wife but I'm not sure she believes it). Now I've got to sit up tonight and clean guns. I can't put a dirty one in the safe. Anyway, here's what followed me home.
[/url][/img]They are a 1950 Browning A5 12ga., a Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga. and a Remington Model 7 youth model in .243. They forced me to pay $640 + tax for the three of them. I gonna have to stay away from that place or take reinforcements with me next time.
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Will_M said,
Is the A5 made in Belgium?
The A5's were made in Belguim until 1976 then the production was moved to Japan.
Toyfare said,
I'm interested in buying a 870 express, how much did it run you?
I usually see them in the $225 to $250 range in pawn shops. I happened to walk in at the right time and got a really good deal on this one. Bass Pro has them for $310 on their website.
shoeshooter said,
Which one was it?
These came from EZ Pawn in Pearl. I go by there at least once a week. There is not anyone there that knows much about guns. They just add a percentage to whatever it cost them. I've seen them have two identical guns with prices that were $100 different. They are also not allowed to negotiate prices. The date the gun is put out is on the price tag. After 30 days they will drop the price 10% and after 60 days they drop it 20%. I've picked up several exceptional deals there
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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