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Discussion in 'Optics and Accessories' started by Hammer, May 17, 2009.

  1. Hammer

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    I was a bit restless this morning, so I decided to clean a few guns. I got out my 1903A3, M1 Carbine, and Mrs. Hammers Rem 1100. The '03A3 and carbine were not that bad, but the 1100 was terrible. I used my Gunzilla on all of them, and it worked great. It ate up the powder residue and carbon deposits. The Copperzilla made the rifle bores shine.
    I got to do my 308, and Marlin 22.

    What cleaning tools do yall use? What kind of cleaning kits, what brands?
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  2. Beladran

    Beladran Moderator Staff Member

    I dont really stick to just one brand. I have my bronze brushes and patch holders. I have a couple bore snakes. As far as cleaning chemicals I use gunzilla copperzilla hopes #9 copper out by Klenz and some foaming bore scruber by birchwood casey. I fallow it all up with either hopes benchrest or Remoil
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  3. encoreman

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    Hey James, Don't put remoil down a rifled bore. That stuff has teflon and it will mess up a good shooter. Did that to my '06 and it took awhile to get it shooting again. FYI
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  4. sarkas

    sarkas Full Poster

    I use Hoppes 9 solvent and Rem Oil. Hmmm, I wasn't aware of Rem Oil having a teflon additive and that it could affect the bore.
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  5. sidroski

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    I was using remoil after Hoppe's #9 on the bore and after cleaning that out, I'd run a light patch of remoil down it. What should I do? Used to do the 3M oil a long time ago.
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  6. GunOneDown

    GunOneDown Distinguished Poster

    I use a whole array of stuff and have been picking up cleaning stuff for years. I like bronze brushes mostly, but have some nylon (i think) that do good as well. Boresnakes work for quick cleaning.
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  7. msredneck

    msredneck Distinguished Poster

    Kroil is a good "after cleaning" product...Think the benchrest shooters actually clean their guns with it....No problems for me...

    Gotta get some of this Gunzilla stuff
  8. encoreman

    encoreman Distinguished Poster

    Hey guys I just know what happened to me. My Rem 700 '06 started grouping like a shotgun, literally all over the target. I almost got rid of this gun, then my sporting goods store guy asked me how I cleaned it and when I mentioned using a wet patch of Remoil down the bore, he cringed. Told me to get the Hoppes 9 and clean it real good, dry patch it, shoot 10-15 rounds and then shoot for a group, it was amazing. Since I have cleaned with sweet 7.62 once or twice to get the copper out, gun shoots better than ever, still not a tack driver, but the deer can't really tell the difference.
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  9. Big Ric

    Big Ric Distinguished Poster

    just don't get it on your finish.
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  10. Big Ric

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    there is a product out that we used in the military called Break Free.
  11. LearCo

    LearCo Distinguished Poster

    I prefer hopes#9 and OMC=[Evinrude]BRP 6N1 better than most not $$$. I started using it in a pinch now goto for cleaning and protection.
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  12. nonnieselman

    nonnieselman Nocturnal Specialties

    Digging up old threads i see
  13. Oldbuzzard

    Oldbuzzard Distinguished Poster

    Shooters Choice solvent, Kroil, and Montana Extreme cleaning rods, with chamber guides to keep gunk out of action. Sweets 7.62 copper solvent
  14. oO_Rogue_Oo

    oO_Rogue_Oo Distinguished Poster

    Non chlorinated brake cleaner for cleaning and SumGy magic for lube (used to be BreakFree but switched when something better came along)
  15. Gene Fariss

    Gene Fariss Distinguished Poster

    Bore kleen copper remover and bore kleen carbon remover
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  16. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Kroil oil first then shooter's choice bore clean til patches are clean the Sum Gy lube. Yes I know its an old thread.
  17. TwangBanger

    TwangBanger Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Hoppe's #9 in the bore.

    Formerly used 3-N-1 machine oil on all moving parts, and a light coating of 3-N-1 on the exterior when finished.

    Now it's Sum Gy Lube on all moving parts, and a final exterior wipe down with a silicone-impregnated cloth.
  18. Jarhead5811

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    I’ve got a boy that’ll be nine on the 27th, this thread is almost as old as he is!
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  19. 45flattop

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    Shooter's Choice for bore cleaning, if I'm low on that
    Hoppe's #9 still does a good job and its not pricey.
    Sweet's for copper fouling removal or Hoppe's Copper
    Solvent if I'm out of Sweet's or my nose just can't take
    another sniff of Sweets.:lol5: