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We at "A Hunt Above" have a 12 ga. Remington 870 Pump with 3 inch chamber, 26 in barrel BRAND NEW still in box...we will give it away open day of turkey season 03/12/2011...you do not have to be present to win..

Now here's how you get your chance at it:
Chance for $2 or 3 for $5 or 6 for $10

1) go to "A Hunt Above" web site http://www.ahuntabove.org and make a donation by paypal (note must be entered as a donation because PayPal does not allow raffles)

2) Send check or money order to "A Hunt Above" address on web site

3) Attend the Charity Hunt in either location and enter

4) attend the North Wildlife Extravaganza in Batesville on the 12th of March

5) See any "A Hunt Above" rep

Note: please post or send private message if donation is made by PalPay so we can confirm back by private message

you do not have to be present to win..

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Sorry - I do not use PayPal ... very bad past experience; however, is this the adress you want it sent to - there were two on the website:

Mike Macko, Director
262 Brown St.
West, MS 39192
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