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Gun show Oct. 9-10

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Anyone going to th gun show oct 9-10? I am going to set up as my safe is overflowing. Stop by and see me. I would like to meet other members, not trying to sell you anything, just networking. If you get down there call me and I'll let you know where I am set up Wiley Burt 601-668-7406 As my friend Russell pointed out gun show is 9-10 not 19-20 . Thanks I would be a few day short and a few (hopefully) a few dollors short
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Gonna give us a chance at them first? :drool:
It was a pretty weak show, I made it through in about an hour and half, usually spend 3 - 4 hours. Course I barely looked at the guns, already bought a rifle this week so budget pretty limited. Did buy some powder and primers at a fair price, 100 rds. of M1 Carbine ammo, and a SAW can to carry it home in. An okay time, but not really worth $8 this time around.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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