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Gun show Oct. 9-10

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Anyone going to th gun show oct 9-10? I am going to set up as my safe is overflowing. Stop by and see me. I would like to meet other members, not trying to sell you anything, just networking. If you get down there call me and I'll let you know where I am set up Wiley Burt 601-668-7406 As my friend Russell pointed out gun show is 9-10 not 19-20 . Thanks I would be a few day short and a few (hopefully) a few dollors short
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where ar you going to be in the place? Im most likely gonna go check it out.
This thread is about the show in Biloxi correct? The signs still say the 16th-17th.
Ahh crap haha. Sorry for the confusion
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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