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I got a Powder River kit done a few weeks back, not a difficult job. Does require some time (about 90 min, IIRC) but if I can do it, anyone can. I ended up not liking the lighter trigger spring, so called PR and they told me it'd do fine with the factory spring in their kit. Sure enough, it's just right.

My kit was around $85 plus s/h, I wanna say, with another $10 or $15 for the springs. There are two kits, btw. One requires you to drill and tap a new hole on the side of your frame, which I didn't like the idea of doing. I got the other one, which is "drop in*". The "*" means it ain't drop in at all, but it's doable.

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I know I could install the "drop-in" but that's not really what I'm looking for. I really want to get a good bit of work done:
Trigger Job
Dawson Sight install
Smooth Trigger face

In the end I really want the best trigger I can possibly get on an XD. I can't seem to find anyone around jackson that will even touch one for a sight install.

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I finally got over the shipping costs and sent it to springer precision. They were very friendly over the phone and email and even give a 10% military discount. Basically I'm getting them to:

3.5# trigger job, with overtravel and reset adjustment
Factory cleanup on internals
Install Barsto Barrel
Install Dawson Precision adjustable sights
Recrown factory barrel

when I get it back I'll install an extended mag release and solid guide rod, then get it black-t'ed.

I figured I may as well get everything I've wanted done at once so I didn't have to ship it off again.
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