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some my father in shows me this clipping from a old G&A magizne from the early 80's late 70's that had detailed step by step instructions and pictures on how to build a device to make any ar-15 into a full auto using things you can buy at walmart or lowes on any pre ban ar-15 and even shows you how to do it on the new ones.
looks like a big stink came up over this and all records of this artical has been deleted from existance at G&A and you cant even find record of it on the internet so im guessing it was major big boo boo.

anyone ever seen this or heard about it?

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I doubt it was a "boo-boo." Prior to May 16, 1986, it was perfectly legal for any individual to build, convert, or otherwise manufacture his or her own full auto weapon. An individual needed only to file and receive and approved form 5320.1 and pay the two hundred dollar tax to make their own legal machinegun. After you had your approved F-1 in hand, you could mill and drill all you wanted. Perfectly legal. http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-5320-1.pdf

After the Hughes amendment passed in 1986, private citizens can no longer make their own machinguns but we can still make our own silencers, SBRs, SBSs, AOWs, and DDs. Today, it would be absolutely legal and proper for G&A magazine to detail the step by step details on how to build a silencer to suppress noise so you don't spook the deer or disturb your neighbors. Fire Power magazine ran monthly articles detailing how to legally convert weapons. There was nothing unlawful about this practice. http://openboltguns.blogspot.com/2009/11/31988-firepower-magazine-article-on.html

There are any number of books and articles that depict how to convert firearms to full auto. The government doesn't control what books we can own and read and these do have a legitimate use for licensees to manufacture post sample machine guns.
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