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had a good evening at school fundraising auction

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Our local school had their annual fundraiser auction other night i only managed to leave with two things this year.

Remington r25 in 308. I realized i have to order some rings one size higher than what i have on my luepold 6.5x20x50 for it to fit. I have a luepold 3x9x50 on it for now.

Not gun related but a nice score none the less: 8.5 gallon fish fryer.

They had a couple of guns that brough real good money. The best of the night was a browning satin citori that brought $3,000 and a browning 22lr lever action that brought a $1000. It was a real good fundraiser for the school. The non gun items that did real well was the Yeti Coolers- those things must have some gold hidden inside them.
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yes definately private school. The Auction and fish fry are held in the gym. There were a total of about 8 guns auctioned and two raffled and guess what not a single one of them killed anyone :scratch: according to some libtards its just amazing that they all didnt start just firing on their own. The man that won the Rem 700 stainless in 25-06 donated it back to the school and they auctioned it off for about $750 i think. it was a good time had by all and raised a huge portion of the schools athletics funding for the year.
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